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Accessing the Service

For Professionals

Patients or clients suffering from a Dissociative Disorder present a particular challenge to the Psychiatric Services, as well as General Hospital, Legal and Social Services. Undiagnosed, they can display varying and, at times, contradictory symptoms. Such patients are often seen as difficult to handle, their diagnosis masking a wide range of presentations including self harm, eating disorders, memory loss and age regression. Furthermore, a Dissociative Disorder or Dissociative symptoms can be present concurrent with other Axis 1 & Axis II Disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder.

The Pottergate Centre for Dissociation & Trauma offers a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of individual Professional Services across the country. These include Assessments, Treatment Plans, Consultancy, Training, Court Reports and Research. In addition, we offer supervision, consultancy and support for therapists working with this client group.

Services Offered
Assessment: A full Psychiatric and Dissociative Assessment is undertaken using DES (Dissociative Experience Scale), SDQ20 (Somatoform Dissociation Questionnaire) and SCID D (Structured Clinical Interview for DSM IV Dissociative Disorders). A detailed report is sent that will include a recommended treatment plan.

Treatment Plans: A variety of treatment plans can be offered. This can include any of the following depending on requirements: weekly 2 hour individual therapy ; up to two times a week 50 minute individual sessions; weekly group analytical psychotherapy; local psychiatric cover.

Consultancy: This is a unique feature that the Centre is able to offer in partnership with the funding body. We are able to meet with the psychiatric team on location and help put together a Care Plan tailored to their requirements and that of the patient in question. This can include training of a local designated psychotherapist; supervision of the individual therapy; initial facilitating of the multi-disciplinary team (Consultant Psychiatrist, GP, CPN, etc). A key element to a good outcome, with this patient group, is a contained holding environment where the patient’s potential for splitting is reduced to a minimum. Download further information on the Pottergate Consultancy.

Training: Workshops are regularly offered in Norwich and can be organized nationally for both therapists and multi-disciplinary teams.

Reports: The Centre is experienced in undertaking Court Reports as well as assessments for Social Services.

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